středa 11. února 2015

Coffee (without)

At first I was thinking that I already wrote about it. And I didn't? I cannot believe that I didn't write anything about how much I love coffee, but it's perfect time for it. Because I spent last week without drinking coffee. Why did I do that? What it gave me?

So yeah, as I sad I didn't drink any coffee for last 7 days. It has been a long 7 days but I master it and now I don't want to continue in it(my first plan was a month).
Last month I read a blog from Leo Babauta (after reading his book Zen to done(recommending)) about really interesting idea named "a year living without" where this guy writing about his plan to test boundaries of his needs and simplifying his life. It really inspired me to do the same but change some things. I start with a coffee.
I drunk 2 coffee in a day. After breakfast and lunch. I loved it but I didn't know if its really good for my health and if it really giving me the boost that I need to. So after a week (enough to see the differences, pros and cons) here are some things that i found:

  • + I don't have to think about it. Really awesome thing that I realize next day after stop. Because I always had to think about when I am going to wash my moka pot, grind coffee and wait until its done, prepare the sugar, put the milk and drink it. I don't like cheap instant coffee and I just looove the smell of fresh grind coffee and when its making in moka pot. But it takes some time that I gave up and it was good :)
  • + I started to drink tea. My parents love Yogi tea. I learned how to do it and switch from coffee to good tea :)
  • + I didn't feel tired. That was surprising for me, I thought that I will be tired all the time, but I wasn't!

  • - I had to say no to coffee. When I was at home or with a friend who offered me a coffee I had to say no, even when I know he has a really really good coffee. It was hard...
  • - I drank water or a coffee, nothing else (beer doesn't count :P) but after giving up coffee only water left, that was weird not so tasty as before. Tea wasn't bad but it's not so strong as a good cup a coffee.

So I'm back. Drinking this taste coffee from my lovely favourite cup and really enjoying it.

It was an interesting week. I found out that I can live without coffee, but I don't really want to. And the most important thing that coffee is happiness for me and not a burden. I will drink coffee only in the morning and enjoying it with my friends :)
But I want to continue with this, I want to know what my boundaries is, want to test my power-will(mostly). Next level is Alcohol, Facebook, computer and others :)
So, stay tuned :P

My inspiration:

čtvrtek 29. ledna 2015


I was at home for a few days. In my hometown Karviná and there was snowing for 2 days only. For these days cca 10 cm of snow and covered everything in the city. I was learning, so for this couple of days I was sitting in front of my computer, trying to learn something about Chinese math :P - "Chinese Remainder Theorem"
But yesterday i went to a party across the town. I had to run to the bus (of course, It wouldn't be me if I wouldn't have to run to catch the bus). I wasn't in this much snow for a long time and it fulled me so much with joy and happiness. I was running really funny and with the biggest smile that i could make. Jumping and smashing snow from the trees. Catching flying snow to the mouth and just smilling to my not expected happiness.
It was the best 10 minutes of the day.
Yes, and I catched the bus, of course :P and party was awesome :))

středa 14. ledna 2015


Last two days got me thinking how much I love skateboarding. It's winter, i know :P, but not here, really. Today was in Prague 7 °C, snow nowhere and yesterday my father brought me my penny board from Karvina, where I let it, because winter was coming of course :P.
I was riding today after a long time, with my headphones on and it was awesome! I feeling so grateful after every push I do. I'm so alive! I'm so here and now! It was a little reminding of why i skate. I'm feeling love of being.
yes, that's me, somewhere inside and I just love it :P

Thank you.

neděle 14. prosince 2014


Today I'm gonna start as usually :P I'm going to start with Love.

I Love people who are doing their job, doing everyday things and putting their heart to it. People who are writing about self-help calling it "Vision" or "Ego 2.0". It's something what you are doing with love and to help others. You don't have to help them in something specific, you can just make them happy. And thats something that gives you energy and flow to the Life. This is kind of people that are doing it for something bigger then they are, not for money, respect or something selfish.
I noticed it immediately on my University and I'm noticing it everyday that I spent there. It's awesome to watch some teachers doing their jobs, because they are putting their heart to it and doing it with passion. I Love it and I'm grateful to have the chance to study university like this :).
And you can see it anywhere, in a night club - yesterday i was in Storm Club, young DnB club and they are doing awesome job there. Everything is perfect and fabulous :P. Or you can just entry some random shop and by the smile of the seller, you will immediately know you are going to buy something there :P.

Anything you it with your heart. Find something what is in your job helping to others.
When you are making others happy you are mostly making happy yourself :)

I will end here with words of my friend: "Have Sun in your Soul" :)

čtvrtek 11. prosince 2014


I don't believe in coincidence. Because coincidence doesn't exist, of course :P. I love these moment of "not coincidence", the feeling that you are on place when you have to be in the right time. Some miracles happened, you notice it, realize and smile :) But, thats not really what I wanted to write about. Numbers are for me one of the miracles that happens ones in a time and create a smile on your face. I'm talking about time. Moments like 11:11, 12:34, 10:27 (my birthday) and others, when you don't have good reason to look at the watches but something tells you to do so and you just smile to that "coincidence".
Another example is random numbers. Yesterday in a lecture-hall when we wrote exam we gave numbers of the seats to sit in the hall. Randomly chosen by computer. I always have some awesome numbers. One day i had 13,13. Yesterday i had 11 row 11 seat. Awesome!

These are the little moment of happiness. Do you have something like this too? Do you notice this moments?

úterý 9. prosince 2014


I love my friends.
I guess this is going to be one of the most frequently sentence that I'm going to use here "I love.."
But I want to start with this thing that comes to my mind a lot. Friendship. Especially one thing that I'm really grateful to see and experiencing.
Sometimes I can handle some bad thing that happened to me with no problem and I don't have to say it to anyone. And there are times that I just have to share it, say to friend what is pissed me off today or just complain about something. And what I love about this feeling and why I really love my friends is that there are looking at it their own eyes, especially I love when they are looking at it positively. Because these are the moments that I kind of laugh myself and that anger what I was feeling with that thought and now looking at it in the good way.
I'm really grateful to have these friends and share some moments with. I'm seeking these kind of friends and I want to be surrounded by people like this.
I don't usually complain...but when I do, I'm glad you are with me :)

Tomorrow is another day!
Stay awesome!

Thanks Zuzi, Dominic and Martin (my roommate). They were my inspiration of this thought in last couple of days :)


I'm Majk, and this is my way to see life in better picture. This is my way to save those awesome moments of realization, that my life is awesome :P. Also, this is going to be my every day English lessons. I want to get better in English, more than watching YouTube videos and chitchating with some random guys in games, and this is my way to do it.
What is the worst thing that could happened by doing this? (kind of motivation sentence) Well, people could start to hate me from my brutal positive seeing of the world. :P And that's not so bad at the end :).
I love to blog, I'm kind of finding myself in it. In writing, specially in English, and I'm looking forward to find out what is inside of me and what is have to say.
I know that there are some really good blogs already on this topic but I'm doing it anyway, especially I'm doing it for myself and sort of for you too guys. To realize and see some positive good things in your life too.
I'm so excited, I'm feeling good about writing this long post without internet and vocabulary :P and I'm ready to write more!
Stay tuned!